On our flight to Crete we had some of the best cloud views ever! … or was that the flight to Gran Canaria, both were simply amazing. While I don’t really love flying, I do love that feeling up there above the clouds.
Just had to show those pictures as they leave one feeling inspired and creative.


Off the plane and a dry world awaited us but not without some green, when we got onto the island we spent a night in an AirBnb to recover and rest, the lady who hosted us told us that the south of the island was the place we were looking for. She was right!


I just love this shot of the road, it reminds me of many an album cover and well… it’s inviting to walk down or even better I guess, ride or ride a motorbike down… ‘Heading down the freeway 95 miles an hour, got my lover beside me and we’re ready for some Rock’ N Roll!’


This beach was stunning..

We headed toward Matala and were hit by our first mini sand storm, it was pretty strong winds and the sand hitting against our legs was hurting, it kind of felt fun though! This place was pretty dry but away from cities and towns and the sunset on this night was amazing. I think this was the only night we slept outside without the tent, looking at the stars…that was a good thing we decided and we felt more connection with nature this way.

Superb Sunset, with a lovely little island in the background

Maybe not quite Lemuria… but almost…


Pictures of the rubbish and mess! Sometimes I like to show such things to show us just how insane our world is and how much we are polluting the world. It was fun walking around this airport and trying to get out though!

So I went on a little rant and got katy involved lol
Who/What is directing your choices and the choices that effect the planet/future of humanity.

Anyone interested in the archons, mind control, entity possession etc etc and our crazy idea of what’s happening on the planet feel free to watch this vid ??

Being out in nature, the next day we realised just how crazy the modern world is when we had to go into the city to get food, not that I thought it was sane for a moment.

Katy sitting looking kinda cute at the spot where I felt two paths, one go walk into Matala back to civilization or two walk off into the wilderness with hardly any food and just a little water and trust…


Well I don’t think katy was up to my crazy idea that we would find God out there, probably for the best but then again I’m sure we would have had some kind of experience even if it was enhanced from lack of water lol but what a great view, I felt like I could just walk out there and get lost trying to eat cactus fruit…hmmm

We recorded another video on Trauma, Soul Loss (cover ups), spirit possession and other day to day life stuff!

After walking for miles and miles we went to set up camp when our MSR tent poles broke, I was annoyed for a moment as we really really needed sleep plus it was a colder than usual night, I thought about what to do while it was slowly getting darker and we had hardly any torch power left, I found a plant that seems native to the area and tried with a pen knife to shape its stalk into a shape that would fit into the tent poles so I could pull back out the inner metal piece that holds poles together!! It had got knocked inside.

After filing away for ages I was getting nowhere in the end we put some wood or something in there for the night and the tent held up ok, the next day I tried again and we fixed it and super glued it in place. ..Phew!

Katy looking cheeky, I don’t know why ?

We went into the city and quickly decided as usual that it was soon enough this was when I had the idea to try and find the greenest area around and we found a ravine of green, we went there with not much food and decided for once not to worry too much about it and that we would head to a place where we knew some oranges were growing wild.

What a beautiful place! I think we were at our most aware here, check the video!



The perfect place…secluded, quiet, no people no noise!

I am reminded that without nature, it would truly be a sad world

This was what it’s all about!

Even the rocks looked great here…I was filled with peace! and Katy was off finding wild oranges from the trees, wise choice indeed.





That night we did a curse removal and ancestral healing prayer, the next day I was channeling some deep healing for Katy and her ancestors came through, I couldn’t believe it as we had been waiting years for contact with them and the day after an ancestral curse removal prayer we were able to do some really deep healing work! It also helped that the place we were in was green and full of supporting nature. But I know for sure that that prayer really moved some things and allowed Katy’s ancestors to bring a message through me for her so we were both very very happy indeed and it just showed us again how important it is for us to spend quality time in nature as often as possible!

Taking it in…and before we left Katy and I both recorded a little tune!

and me singing “You Don’t Know Nothin About Love”

I actually did another deeper song than this one there and will put it up sometime…
There you go that’s the trip to Crete!


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