** Update about Awakening Earth **

Update: Awakening Earth has been through many changes and unfortunetly in regard to the Mapping..

About Emotions and healing/soul loss embracing our true self.

Chanting, Inner child healing and forgiveness prayer’s deep in the New Forest, Hampshire

So I just felt very called to say if not just for me to remember for myself that last night was..

How to Harmonize the Spirit with Wild Food, a talk from the heart by Riki Buckingham

As requested by Mike Puskas and his friends here is an audio I recorded for his "7th Sense ..

  • Food
  • 2nd September 2019

Fuck the phone!

[This is a kind of song-poem that I ended up writing to the tune of my 'Adopt a Goth' song as i..

The time is NOW!

It's time to make a stand It's time to show our hand To put our cards upon the table Whilst ..

Rising Appalachia- Medicine [Official Music Video]

What can we say about this music but spot on ? definitely worth a listen!   https://..

Why Are The Vegans And Carnivores Dying? 325,000 Subscribers

Dan the Man is the man with the masterplan, we really love his stuff! his Honesty, Energy a..

The 12 D Shield Building Technique by Lisa Renee

Here is a Shielding Technique we have been willing to try here at Awakening Earth in order to p..

Divide and conquer

A recent reply I felt the need to make on a post about how religion has been used to control an..

Parasitic energies and food information  ..

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