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** Update about Awakening Earth **

Update: Awakening Earth has been through many changes and unfortunetly in regard to the Mapping..

Rising Appalachia- Medicine [Official Music Video]

What can we say about this music but spot on ? definitely worth a listen!   https://..

2017, The Azores Islands, Ponta Delgada, Portugal

The Azores, a place I had always wanted to try out and well flights were cheap so of we went to..

Dumbing down agendas – Food

Pretty vast subject isn't it? Where do you start? I'm going to start with where I am at the mo..

Who/what is making your decisions?

This will be a longer post at some point but I wanted to put something down quite quickly befor..

Gentle Wispers (poem)

Gentle wispers today I heard words of passion words of grace that pointed to a deeper truth ..

Zoo world!

Zoo....- take animal out of its natural environment. Simulate it's environment. Provide stimula..


Website Changelog Changelog* 2016-07-25, Fixed issue where only one image per listing could ..

Polluting Our Bodies yet moaning about the planet!

It always interests me how people who are concerned about the ozone are poluting their own lung..

No point blaming the government

No point blaming the government for problems all is happening is we sit back giving a vote hopi..

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