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Healing experience & beliefs

Spiritual/Religious faith & practice

None, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Anthroposophy, New Age, Stoicism, Jedi, Baha'i Faith, Interfaith, Judaism, Athiest

Healing Work

Healing? It's my life's work, Recent interest/want to learn more, I'm not interested in healing, I get healing work done occasionally, I'm a practitioner/therapist, I'm actively working to heal trauma/injury/illness, I'm actively clearing my energy body/Soul Work, I'm in pretty good nick and don't need healing

Below are many questions feel free to answer as many as you wish to or not.

God this is boring, Ok I see how answering questions may be helpful, I'll fill in as and when I have a few hours available


Who I'd Like to Meet

Id like to meet you if you think its a good idea ?



Love it all


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